Ceres Plateau. Altitude. Distinctive Pinot Noir.

Cirrus Wines, named after the wispy atmospheric clouds, are wines made with fruit from high altitude vineyards in the Witzenberg mountains on the Ceres Plateau.

A sense of place.

The Pinot Noir 2021 marks the second vintage of wines made from this unique vineyard on Rietfontein farm. At an altitude of 1026m above sea level, the moderate summers, snowy winters and intense solar rays create an environment that produces Pinot Noir expressive of this totally new landscape and terroir.

Our Pinot Noir covered in snow, August 2021

Climate, soil & vines

Pinot Noir clones 115 and 777 are grafted onto drought-resistant rootstock Richter 110, which is well suited to the poor, stony soils. Ceres Plateau has a moderate Mediterranean climate, with the high altitude playing a dominant role in fruit development.

A greater shift in temperature between day and night, with higher intensity of solar rays results in wines expressive of terroir.

Bright, vibrant fruit on the nose, showing ripe red cherries, cranberry and candyfloss with a hint of sweet mint and earthy undertones of compost. More juicy red fruit on the palate with flavours of berry iced tea, vanilla, and a hint of floral perfume.

Soft and subtle tannins with zesty acidity and fresh cranberry note on the finish.

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